Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week Activities for March 26 -31st

It may be the last week of March, but there are still some wonderful events planned for this week.  We look forward to see everyone at all the events.

     Monday March 26 - Tone Up Exercise 10 am
                                       Book Club 12:30 pm

     Tuesday March 27 - Computer Class Print Shop 10 am
                                       Counted X-stitch 12:30 pm
                                      Birthday Party and Movie 12:30 pm

     Wednesday March 28 - Tone Up Exercise 10 am
                                             Scrapbooking Club 6 pm
                                             Fly Tying 6 pm

     Thursday March 29 - Computer Class 10 am
                                         Game Day 12:30 pm

     Friday March 30 - Tone Up Exercise 10 am
                                    Recipe Swap 12:30 pm

April will start off with a bang with our France Tour on April 6th and a Cheese Making Class on April 14th.  Make sure you come by and pick up your copy of the April calendar. 

If you have any suggestions on classes or special events please let Kathy know what you would be interested in having take place at your Clubhouse.

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